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A Very good question! Yes, some people do build their own web sites. There are product reviews in almost every computer magazine for new web construction tools. It's really tempting. How hard can it be? Well, the answer depends on how professional you would like the finished site to be, how much money you're willing to spend, and how long you're willing to wait.
A combination of the best software tools alone will cost you about $1,000. Then you'll either need a training course or two on how to use them all, and use them together to achieve the desired results, or you need to spend at least a few dozend hours with trail and error. A course on your image editing package is a must! You'll also need to read a book on good site design to avoid starter's mistakes. Another book on HTML language, ... you'll need one that covers how to design pages that look good on any browser, on any platform, in any resolution and at any color depth. And don't forget to build a few sites for pratice... there's no substitute for experience! With four to six months of your time and several thousand dollars spent, you'll finally be ready to begin building your own "professional-looking" website. Though we might exaggerate certain elements a bit, it should show you that you need to spend lot of effort and money before you are able to layout and build your very own website graphics and HTML codes.


What we recommend is that you focus on your business and the message you want to deliver through the website. That is what YOU know best! And WE handle the art and science of creating a good website. That is what our designers in China, Japan and America do best. Working together, you'll have a better site, in less time, at a lower cost. And a lot less aggravation!

Creative Design Services at WEBDRIVER
Design Contents
  • Develop a Web site that convey your corporate image, marketing messages and promotes your products and services
  • Design and generate graphics (Logos, Backgrounds, product shots, etc.
  • Scan, photo, edit and adapt your current artwork, graphics and images
  • Design and produce banners for online advertising
  • Design and produce ACTIVE content through interactive Java and database applications
  • Design and produce HTML web pages, feedback forms
  • Optimize designs for compatibility across leading browsers
  • Formalised test and verification process
  • Modify or renew your existed web site
  • Advanced Programming (Database, CGI, Java, Local index / search, counters, etc.)





WD001 General Web Design & Setup


Based on the site requirement
WD002 Web Page Design (*)

US$120 per page

Totally less than 20 pages (**)
WD003 Web Page Design Type A

US$40 per page

Purely text page without graphics
WD004 Web Page Design Type B

US$25 per page

Type A with text file prepared
WD005 Second Language Web page

US$100 per page

Suitable for bilingual web site
WD006 Web Page Renew Service

US$35 per page

No design modification

(*) One page means one A4 size contents including up to 2 graphics;
(**) Totally more than 20 pages may enjoy 10 percent off.


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